Talking to Decision Makers

Managers are busy. They have too many things to do, and not enough time to do them. When they come to work, they have their time planned out. When one of their employees requests a meeting, the manager expects the employee to explain the issue succinctly, and what the manager needs to do. Employees who are able to describe the issue in 30 seconds or less are considered assets to an organization and get rewarded with promotions and outstanding performance reviews.

Compliance-Alliance presents a high energy, interactive session that will demonstrate how to prepare and describe an issue in 30 seconds using the “What”, “So what”, “Now what” pattern. Next will come help for how to respond to the decision maker’s probing questions. After the formal presentation, attendees will be divided into teams, provided case studies, and be given the opportunity to apply the concepts.

Topics include:

  • When it is and is not appropriate to request a meeting
  • How to structure the message
  • How to keep the listener engaged
  • How to communicate traits that demonstrate credibility
  • How to respond to difficult questions