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David Jones, the quality assurance director in the Regulatory Affairs and Philips Business Excellence division of Philips Consumer Healthcare Solutions and I were interviewed by Erik Swain of MD&DI on “Design-Controls-Are-They-Worth-the-Effort?

Dan Olivier of Certified Compliance Solutions and I wrote an article on”Assessing the Cost of Poor Quality” for MD&DI Magazine.

Marlene Bobka and I wrote an article, “Freedom of Information Act Requests: A Primer” for MD&DI Magazine.

Glenn George of QRC Associates, Ken Imler of Arrow International and I wrote on “Empowering the Quality and Regulatory Compliance Functions” for MD&DI Magazine.

Fran Akelewicz and I have an article on “Corrections and Removals: To Tell or Not to Tell” in  MD&DI Magazine.

Richard DeRisio and I wrote an article “Optimizing Regulatory Compliance: Nine Strategies for Success” for MD&DI Magazine.

FDA/Industry Partnerships: Moving toward More Equitable Enforcement,” published in  MD&DI Magazine.